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Why taking a stand for Mother’s Day is so important

May 3rd, 2014

In these last days Motherhood is being torn down and cheapened. The old adage of “you only have one mother” has been lost in today’s so-called “enlightened” world.
The Holy Bible still says that Motherhood is to be honoured and cherished. Eve, the first mother, was so named as the life-giver or source of life.
Mother’s have been the source of life down through history and, though they may not care to admit it, many a great man owes his success to a devoted prayerful mother!
This month Metropolitan Baptist Church is taking a stand for motherhood.
The annual Mother’s Day service and cake-baking competition, where the men bake cake for the mums, will be held on Sunday 11 May from 10.15am.
Why not join us as we take a stand for our devoted Christian mothers in May?