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Archive for April, 2018

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Date Title Scripture Speaker Service Size
15.04.18 Moving forward Genesis 28 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday AM 7.7 MB
15.04.18 Sanctified: in will Romans 6 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday PM 7.8 MB
8.04.18 Sanctified: in mind 1 Thessalonians 5 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday PM 6.9 MB
1.04.18 Easter Sunday: joint heirs with Christ Galatians 4 Pastor Mario Schiavone Easter Sunday AM 8.7 MB
1.04.18 Easter Sunday: one baptism Ephesians 4 Pastor Mario Schiavone Easter Sunday PM 4.6 MB
16.1.18 teenCAMP2018: Entangled 2 Timothy 2 Pastor James O'Sullivan S1: Tuesday Midday 3.0 MB
16.1.18 teenCAMP2018: How to be kept from being Entangled Daniel 1 Pastor Mario Schiavone S2: Tuesday PM 8.0 MB
17.1.18 teenCAMP2018: Safe guard against being Entangled by impurity 1 Corinthians 6 Pastor Mario Schiavone S3: Wednesday AM 9.8 MB
17.1.18 teenCAMP2018: All that I need or all that I want? Habakkuk 2 Pastor James Herringson S4: Wednesday Midday 8.2 MB
17.1.18 teenCAMP2018: Judas in the ranks Nehemiah 6 Pastor Brad Williamson S5: Wednesday PM 9.4 MB
18.1.18 teenCAMP2018: Barbed wire Ezekiel 8 Pastor James O'Sullivan S6: Thursday AM 11.3 MB
18.1.18 teenCAMP2018: The spanner of worldliness in the wheel of sanctification 1 John 2 Pastor Brad Williamson S7: Thursday Midday 10.2 MB
18.1.18 teenCAMP2018: Where is your mind hanging out? 1 Peter 1 Pastor James Herringson S8: Thursday PM 8.2 MB
19.1.18 teenCAMP2018: Is the yoke on you? Galatians 4 Pastor James O'Sullivan S9: Friday AM 9.9 MB
1.04.18 Baptism Testimony: Venice Baptism Testimony Venice Pader Easter Sunday PM 0.7 MB
1.04.18 Baptism Testimony: Lily Baptism Testimony Lily Mirinda Easter Sunday PM 1.5 MB
1.04.18 Baptism Testimony: Sarah Baptism Testimony Sarah Song Easter Sunday PM 1.2 MB