Metropolitan Baptist Church

Reaching Australia for Jesus Christ


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9.08.20Epaphroditus: the sacrificial servantPhilippians 2Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM8.8 MB
9.08.20Having a relationship with our SaviourHebrews 8Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM7.0 MB
2.08.20Practically ministering to othersPhilippians 2Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM8.6 MB
2.08.20Ministering as a teamPhilippians 2Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM6.8 MB
26.07.20The mind of ChristPhilippians 2Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM8.7 MB
19.07.20Putting the missionary first1 Kings 17Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM7.9 MB
19.07.20Change for the betterHebrew 6Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM7.6 MB
12.07.20Missions heart cry of GodMatthew 28Pastor James HerringsonSunday AM8.0 MB
12.07.20Why faith promise missions giving?John 3Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM8.0 MB
05.07.20Moving on to maturityHebrews 6Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM23.4 MB
05.07.20Marks of a genuine ChristianHebrews 6Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM17.6 MB
24.06.20Watch and prayColossians 4Mr Wayne HicksonWednesday PM3.2 MB
17.06.20Jesus Christ is all in allHebrews 1Pastor Mario SchiavoneWednesday PM4.6 MB
14.06.20The book of HebrewsHebrews 1Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM7.0 MB
14.06.20Who will hold the missionary rope?Acts 9Pastor James HerringsonSunday PM8.5 MB
10.06.20The Proverbs – part 3Proverbs 1Pastor Mario SchiavoneWednesday PM4.1 MB
7.06.20The death of JosephGenesis 50Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM6.5 MB
7.06.20Joseph a type of ChristLuke 24Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM7.7 MB
3.06.20The Proverbs – part 2Proverbs 2Pastor Mario SchiavoneWednesday PM4.0 MB
31.05.20Fear not, all goodGenesis 50Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM8.0 MB
31.05.20The ProverbsProverbs 9Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM6.6 MB
27.05.20The mercy of God2 Samuel 7Pastor James O'SullivanWednesday PM4.6 MB
24.05.20What makes the Lord cry?Genesis 50Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM7.3 MB
24.05.20The themes of PsalmsPsalm 81Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM6.6 MB
20.05.20The hymnbook of IsraelPsalm 81Pastor Mario SchiavoneWednesday PM3.8 MB
17.05.20Treasures in the snow and hailJob 38Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM7.6 MB
17.05.20A plague, a sinner and a saviour1 Chronicles 21Pastor James O'SullivanSunday PM7.4 MB
13.05.20Why is there so much suffering in the world?Job 14Pastor Mario SchiavoneWednesday PM4.2 MB
10.05.20The extraordinary women from GalileeLuke 23Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM7.1 MB
06.05.20God is in controlEsther 4Pastor Mario SchiavoneWednesday PM5.4 MB