Metropolitan Baptist Church

Reaching Australia for Jesus Christ


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21.02.16Baptism Testimony: TyroneBaptism TestimoniesTyrone AbanoSunday PM0.5 MB
21.02.16Baptism Testimony: RoyBaptism TestimoniesRoy ChandraSunday PM0.6 MB
14.02.16Labourer together with GodJohn 4Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM8.8 MB
14.02.16Steps ordered by the LordPsalm 37Pastor Jerry WilhiteSunday PM9.0 MB
7.02.16Soulwining prerequisitsMark 5Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM6.4 MB
7.02.16Worship is not a waste of ointmentMark 14Mr Wilson WongSunday PM7.4 MB
31.01.16Lets go soulwinningActs 5Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM6.5 MB
31.01.16A cry for soulwinners from HellLuke 16Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM8.1 MB
24.01.16The faithfulness of God2 Timothy 2Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM7.6 MB
24.01.16The Tabernacle: the Altar of IncenseExodus 30Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM8.1 MB
17.01.16Our personal walk with GodLuke 10Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM5.2 MB
17.01.16We have only just begunJoshua 13Mr Wayne HicksonSunday PM6.3 MB
10.01.16Teaching others – Part 22 Timothy 2Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM5.7 MB
10.01.16Overcoming the evil oneRevelation 12Mr Joshua KouraSunday PM6.9 MB
3.01.16Spiritually prepared to train others2 Timothy 2Pastor Mario SchiavoneVision Sunday AM8.4 MB
3.01.16Teach others also2 Timothy 2Pastor Mario SchiavoneVision Sunday PM8.5 MB
27.12.15Effective servanthoodLuke 24Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM6.9 MB
27.12.15The fear of GodHabakkuk 3Mr Joshua KouraSunday PM7.6 MB
25.12.15Christmas Day: four gifts not threeMatthew 2Pastor Mario SchiavoneChristmas Day3.3 MB
20.12.15What Simeon sawLuke 2Pastor James O'SullivanSunday AM7.1 MB
13.12.15The best of men at best are only menGenesis 9Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM8.5 MB
13.12.15The Tabernacle: the Table of ShewbreadExodus 25Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM8.2 MB
6.12.15Get the seed out of the barnHaggai 2Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM5.5 MB
6.12.15How to get the seed out of the barnPsalm 126Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM6.1 MB
29.11.15The Lord’s call to AbrahamGenesis 12Pastor Danny OlmsteadSunday AM9.5 MB
29.11.15The Tabernacle: the Burnt OfferingLeviticus 1Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM6.3 MB
23.11.15SBBC Conference: Graduation Dinner How shall they hear?Romans 10Pastor Kevin HarrisSBBC Conference Monday PM3.5 MB
26.11.15SBBC Conference: Message 3 Graduate AddressJohn 21Pastor Ian WesternSBBC Conference Thursday PM11.2 MB
25.11.15SBBC Conference: Message 2 The sin of a divided ChristLeviticus 6Pastor Mario SchiavoneSBBC Conference Wednesday PM7.4 MB
24.11.15SBBC Conference: Message 1 Follow MeMatthew 4Pastor James HarveySBBC Conference Tuesday PM7.4 MB