Metropolitan Baptist Church

Reaching Australia for Jesus Christ


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12.04.20A good endingMatthew 21Pastor Mario SchiavoneEaster Sunday AM6.7 MB
12.04.20Fulfilling the Father’s will – Part 2Genesis 50Pastor Mario SchiavoneEaster Sunday PM6.5 MB
10.04.20Christ died for usRomans 5Pastor Mario SchiavoneGood Friday AM5.6 MB
8.04.20The heavens declare the glory of GodPsalm 19Pastor Mario SchiavoneWednesday PM3.7 MB
5.04.20Drawing near to GodJonah 1Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM7.1 MB
5.04.20Fulfilling the Father’s willGenesis 50Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM5.8 MB
1.04.20Burdened but not in despairHabakkuk 1Pastor Mario SchiavoneWednesday PM4.9 MB
29.03.20Let not your heart be troubledJohn 14Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM28.6 MB
29.03.20Get me up to the great men – part 3Romans 12Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM23.9 MB
22.03.20Perfect love casteth out fearGenesis 3Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM40.0 MB
22.03.20Get me up to the great men – part 2Mark 16Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM29.2 MB
15.03.20Get me up to the great menJeremiah 5Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM24.8 MB
15.03.20Solving the panic effect of the CoronavirusMatthew 5Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM41.7 MB
08.03.20Compassion with the GospelMark 5Pastor Dave CottonSunday AM23.3 MB
08.03.20Jacob’s last wordsGenesis 49Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM23.9 MB
01.03.20Benjamin – the difference between day and nightGenesis 49Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM25.3 MB
01.03.20Missionary Alex HolowatyActs 8Missionary Alex HolowatySunday PM31.2 MB
23.02.20Fruitful ChristianGenesis 49Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM24.1 MB
16.02.20Not like thatEphesians 4Pastor James O'SullivanSunday AM20.6 MB
16.02.20Becoming more like ChristEphesians 4Pastor James O'SullivanSunday PM23.4 MB
09.02.20Spiritual gifts1 Corinthians 12Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM28.5 MB
02.02.20Lifting up holy handsHebrews 12Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM21.8 MB
02.02.20Naphtali is a hind let looseGenesis 49Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM20.2 MB
26.01.20Our Australian Christian heritage – Part 1Psalm 143Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM36.6 MB
26.01.20Our Australian Christian heritage – Part 2Acts 1Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM38.5 MB
14.1.20teenCAMP 2020: O Man of God1 Timothy 6Pastor James O'SullivanSession 1 teenCAMP 20203.9 MB
14.1.20teenCAMP 2020: Flee, Follow & Fight1 Timothy 6Pastor Dave CottonSession 2 teenCAMP 20206.1 MB
15.1.20teenCAMP 2020: Sin’s Progression1 Timothy 6Pastor Dave CottonSession 3 teenCAMP 20206.9 MB
15.1.20teenCAMP 2020: Flee these things1 Timothy 6Pastor Dave CottonSession 5 teenCAMP 202010.4 MB
16.1.20teenCAMP 2020: Replacing & Following1 Timothy 6Pastor Dave CottonSession 7 teenCAMP 20208.1 MB