Metropolitan Baptist Church

Reaching Australia for Jesus Christ


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06.10.19God’s building1 Corinthians 3Pastor James O'SullivanSunday AM42 MB
06.10.19Like-minded in hopeRomans 15Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM23.4 MB
29.09.19The God of hopeGenesis 48Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM28 MB
29.09.19The heritage of ChristGenesis 48Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM30.3 MB
22.09.19Transitional moments in our livesGenesis 47Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM24 MB
22.09.19The importance of prayerNehemiah 6Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM15.7 MB
15.09.19A new life in Jacob’s lifeGenesis 46Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM28.4 MB
15.09.19Principles of manhood from the life of JoshuaJoshua 1Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM21.8 MB
08.09.19A well balanced man1 Kings 2Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM32.5 MB
08.09.19The ministry we all have2 Corinthians 5Missionary Chris CrockettSunday PM20.3 MB
08.09.19Love & Respect: LifeStages L13: The real reason to love and respectMr Wayne HicksonLifeStages: Love & Respect32.5 MB
01.09.19Forgiven much, love muchLuke 7Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM22.2 MB
01.09.19Be mature, be manly1 Corinthians 16Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM47.3 MB
25.08.19Love & Respect: LifeStages L12: Missing pieces to the puzzleMr Wayne HicksonLifeStages: Love & Respect23.5 MB
25.08.19The real issue is GodGenesis 45Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM24.3 MB
25.08.19Joseph is yet aliveGenesis 45Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM46.2 MB
18.08.19Love & Respect: LifeStages L11: Two misunderstood wordsMr Wayne HicksonLifeStages: Love & Respect23.4 MB
18.08.19Let us build2 ChroniclesPastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM23.6 MB
18.08.19Blessed reunionGenesis 45Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM24.8 MB
11.08.19The making of a miracleJohn 2Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM27.7 MB
11.08.19A godly appealGenesis 44Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM27.7 MB
04.08.19Love & Respect: LifeStages L9: Peace, loyalty and esteemMr Wayne HicksonLifeStages: Love & Respect22.8 MB
04.08.19Miracles with purposeExodus 7Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM25.2 MB
04.08.19Gods graciousness towards usGenesis 43Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday PM23.1 MB
28.07.19Love & Respect: LifeStages L8: Open up and understandMr Wayne HicksonLifeStages: Love & Respect21.8 MB
28.07.19Wisdom and the need for wisdomProverbs 1Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM30.9 MB
28.07.19Missionary presentation – Chris DaganN/AMissionary Chris DaganSunday PM32.2 MB
21.07.19The need of God’s authority wisdom of our livesProverbs 1Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM32.5 MB
21.07.19Acts 20-20 VisionActs 20Missionary Paul BrinkmanSunday PM51 MB
14.07.19Advice for the youngEcclesiastes 11Pastor Mario SchiavoneSunday AM32.3 MB