God’s Prophetic Plan #3

Prepared by John R Ecob for The Herald Of Hope Inc.
PO Box 4216 Marayong NSW 2148.

Part Three – New Heavens and New Earth

After the Millennium, Satan will be released from the Bottomless Pit to test the nations. He will stir up a revolt against Christ, and Jerusalem will again be surrounded. Those nations will be judged and Satan cast into the Lake of Fire for ever. The Second Resurrection, the "resurrection of the unjust", will follow, when the unsaved of all time will finally be banished from God’s presence at the Great White Throne. "Death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them..and whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire." (Rev 20:15). Finally, there will be the eternal state; a New Heaven and New Earth. The Church will be with Christ in the New Jerusalem, Israel around its walls, and the Gentile nations of "them that are saved" will dwell in the New Earth (Rev.21:9,10,12 and 24).

Two Stages

The Second Coming of Christ is therefore in two phases.

PHASE I: Christ will come "to the air" to rapture His Church and thus conclude this present age of Gentile testimony.

PHASE II: After seven years of Great Tribulation, Christ will return "to the earth" to establish His Millennial Kingdom and reign on the throne of David as King Of Kings. Christ’s coming is therefore imminent, personal, pre-tribulation (for His Church), and pre-millennial.