Holiday Bible Club 2014

Holiday Bible Club 2014

Holiday Bible Club 2014

Dear Parents,
We would like to invite your children to our Holiday Bible Club 1-3 July 2014. It will be three mornings full of good clean fun. There will be games, food, singing, craft and exciting Bible stories. You are welcome to sit in on the program or just drop off your children and we will care for them. Please find all the meeting details on the flyer attached. You may register online or by post. We are having a colouring competition as well, be sure to have your children bring in the colouring page when they attend.

It is important that our children have a moral community where good values are honoured and taught. We would be happy to serve you by providing a well structured program for your primary age children during these July holidays.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our Holiday Bible Club.

May God bless you,

James O’Sullivan

Associate Pastor

Associate Pastor James O'Sullivan