Coronavirus Response

Last updated: 10 November 2021 2:00 PM

This week’s service schedule

We are back in church with…

Sunday Morning Service at 10.15am (AEST) – (in-person only)

Sunday Evening Service at 6.00pm (AEST)(in-person only)

Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study at 7.30pm (AEST)(in-person only)

Join us online 💒

Church services are back in person at the church and are held according to our COVID safety plan (available above).

Get in touch ✍️

Do you have a question or a prayer request? Feel free to reach out to us on our contact page, or you can contact Pastor Schiavone: 0434 432 175, or email address: [email protected].

Online giving 🙏

As are responsible for our ongoing ministry expenses, please remain faithful with your tithes and offerings through direct deposit.


COVID-19: A Spiritual Response

God is speaking to us. He always was, but we could not always hear him for the noise. But as the world grows quiet, we must conclude that we’re not in control of our circumstances. It is God who made us, and not ourselves. And it’s time to listen to him.

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Listen to Godly music – Abiding Radio

Fill your hearts and minds with Godly music that will help you think right and act Biblically. Abiding Radio is a free online music streaming service that also offers a FREE app from iPhone and Android phones.

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Seeking a cure

As society searches for a cure for COVID-19, the entire world remains infected with a different kind of virus. This virus cannot be stopped by social distancing, for it is a spiritual disease—passed down to us from our planet’s first parents, Adam and Eve. Find God’s answers below:

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