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Over 300 years of ministry experience between our lecturers.

Established 1974.

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Sydney Bible Baptist College is dedicated to training spiritual leaders for the 21st century. The training at SBBC will be undertaken with the following factors in full view:

  • We believe the Word of God can never be improved upon. We humbly desire that our directions and methods should be biblical, and that our associations should be fundamental and separatist.
  • We will gratefully honour the rich heritage handed us by past generations as we face the daunting challenges of the future.
  • We will do all in our power to offer each student the opportunity for a tremendous increase of knowledge. This will be realized through a searching study of the Scriptures and related sound resources.
  • We are committed to place a special emphasis upon character-building in order to develop a ruggedness of faith in the lives of dedicated, tenacious and determined leaders for the future. We reject the “normality of the age” and will seek the “abnormality” of biblical faith, practice and conduct.
  • Our job could be summed up in this expression: we will teach you how to load the “Gospel gun” and how to shoot it. Additionally, we will teach you the “what and how” to do with the eternal fruits of your catch.

Nehemiah of old instructed the people of God to build, and so they held the trowel in one hand and began to build. But he also instructed them to hold the sword in the other hand in order to protect what they were building. The “trowel and the sword” are both necessary in the ministry, and SBBC will give each its rightful emphasis.

Finally and importantly, we will seek to develop rounded, balanced servants for the ministry who will preach and live the “whole counsel of God.”

All of us at Sydney Bible Baptist College look forward to being of service. We count it a God-given privilege to invest ourselves in the spiritual future of God’s servants who come to SBBC for training.

H Richard Hester, Principal Emeritus.


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