Sunday School classes

“Please allow me to invite you to send your children to our Sunday School. They will be part of a class where they will receive Bible teaching, friendship, and care while you focus on worship and the preaching of God’s Word in the main congregation.”

Pastor M. R. Schiavone and Family

Class times

For our 50th year anniversary, Children’s Sunday School classes will be held during the morning service which starts at 10.15am (excluding public school holidays and special events). 

Children, including those of nursery age, will be dismissed to Sunday School lessons during the main service with classes to conclude at the same time as the morning service ends.

Children’s Sunday School Classes
Nursery (0-3 years)
Pre-Primary (3-5 years)
Junior Primary (6-9 years)
Senior Primary (10-12 years)
Youth Class (12-17 years)

A Place to Worship

Join us as we worship God through music, song, prayer, and helpful Bible teaching.

A Moral community for your Children

Be part of our exciting Sunday school ministry loaded with exciting Bible stories, games, treats and fun.

To ensure our children’s ministries provide a safe and happy environment, all of our children’s ministry leaders and workers are members of our church and have undertaken child protection training. If you have any specific questions in this regard, please don’t hesitate to contact the pastor of the church.